ANTHONY FORREST actor, composer, writer/director, singer/songwriter.

Born in Birmingham, England and raised in Montreal, Canada, Anthony attended John Fisher School, Valois, St Thomas High School, Pointe Claire, Dawson College, Montreal and Vanier College, St. Laurent, PQ where he studied Music Composition.

As a Musician and Record Producer, Anthony has produced and performed on a number of chart bound recordings. During the early 1980's with 'The Mood' who were signed to RCA Records 'Don't Stop' 12in. version charted in the US Top Ten Charts and Number 1 in the first UK Dance Charts.

Anthony was also creator of the 1979-1983 Battle of the Bands UK, where he discovered 'The AK Band' and was a Record Producer on all the recordings.
In 2008 Anthony composed, performed and produced, 'PANTHEONS OF THE TRIBE' a rock and classical concept album that features his solo electric guitar playing in a classical context. The album is released through his label 'Fixer Records' and distributed by Amazon.com, CD Baby, Createspace.com, iTunes etc.

Currently he is recorded as Singer/Songwriter an album of  folk/punk songs.


In 1981 they were a five-piece band, and with Moore and the two James were Steve Carter and John Dalby. After the band reshuffle, the three remaining members of The Mood signed to RCA Records in 1981, and released a new re-produced mix of "Is There A Reason". Then came "Don't Stop", a Top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100; and No. 1 on the first UK Dance Chart. Neither track reached the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart, and the follow-up "Paris is One Day Away" stalled at No. 42.[1] Two places higher might have got them a slot on BBC Television's music programme, Top of the Pops.

However, they did appear on the popular children's programme, Razzmatazz performing
"Don't Stop".